On Being a Business Writer

Wikipedia Round About

I feel compelled to vent my frustrations with Wikipedia. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a terrific resource. But I encountered a solid catch-22 with my first entry and I’m still not sure if that reflects on me as a writer or on Wikipedia being confusing just out of sheer spite. If anybody figures that out, be sure to let me know, please.

It went like this. A friend who is an author asked me to write a Wikipedia entry for her. I agreed to help her out as I was eager for the experience. My family always said that my Dad could talk to anybody anytime about anything. Well, I can write three hundred and fifty words about almost anything and I’m up for any chance to stretch my skills. Wikipedia got the better of me. I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Being a novice, I went through the article wizard and submitted my entry for approval. My submission needed editing, but they did not like the user name I selected and said that I could not edit until I changed the user name because they had blocked me. But I couldn’t change the user name without being able to make an edit and I couldn’t because I was blocked. Do you see the problem? In what universe does that make sense? Certainly not mine. I ended up starting an entirely new account and I could not see my pending article until I re-wrote it and the site found my pending article under my old user name.

As I write this, I’m not sure about the status of my resubmission.

I’m too afraid to look.


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