Book Review–Renegades Write the Rules

book review


Amy Jo Martin has enjoyed tremendous success using Twitter to connect with fan base for her clients who are mostly sports figures or sports franchises and she is known as “The Twitter Queen.” Engaging fans through social media, mostly Twitter, has propelled her clients, who include Shaquille O’Neal, to tremendous success. Ms. Martin promises to explore both of these and more celebrity-franchise-as-brands in greater detail in her new book, “Renegades Write the Rules”.

I found Ms. Martin’s book highly readable but short on significant substance. As I read, although I was entertained by the stories of how her sports celebrity customers use social media, I became aware that she was holding real information. For this reason, I feel her work falls short of being a definitive social media guide. Fans of sports celebrities will probably enjoy it tremendously.

Ms. Martin’s book is not broken down into chapters. She presents rules. There are eight of them in the book as subject headers. She has rules like Be the Media, Show Some Skin, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. Through the use of juxtaposition, Ms. Martin contrasts successful and not-so-successful branding to illustrate her viewpoint and these stories are very enjoyable. The reader should keep in mind that although she uses the phrase “social media” profusely, she mostly means Twitter. Most of her illustrative examples are outlines of Twitter campaigns with a minor mention of Facebook every now and then.

Ms. Martin makes a convincing case for success in social media marketing requiring a management team willing to engage and alter some of their thinking. She offers kernels of wisdom, such as considering ROI not just to be “return on investment” but also “return on influence”. Over and over she makes her case for the most successful campaigns coming from brands where upper management embraced the concept of employing social media (and she means Twitter) to exchange ideas with customers.

The book lacked specifics for my tastes and the reason for that becomes clear when one gets to the end of the book. This book leaves you wanting more and Ms. Martin is ready to offer that with her online university, Digital Royal University! Here one can take classes in such subjects as The Art of Social Media Event Activation or Emerging Platforms. This entire book appears to be an advertisement, albeit a highly enjoyable one.


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